Two things a pet owner should consider when ordering a custom engraved pet tag

Posted on: 31 July 2023

Here are two tips for pet owners who want to get custom-engraved pet tags for their cats or dogs.

The shape and style of pet tag they'd prefer

When ordering a custom-engraved pet tag, pet owners will usually have the option of selecting the shape and style of the tag. Because this is an item that their pet will probably wear every day for many years, it's important for the pet owner to carefully choose its design. For example, they might want to pick a tag shape that matches the collar their pet usually wears. If for example, their pet dog has a collar with a bone pattern on it, they might want to opt for a bone-shaped tag that will complement it. Alternatively, they could select a tag shape that they feel reflects their pet's personality or references their name. If, for example, they have a cat called Thunder, they could opt for a lightning bolt-shaped tag. If their pet has a very sweet, affectionate personality, they could opt for a heart-shaped tag.

When selecting the shape, it's also important for the person to consider the amount of engraved text they plan to add to it. Some pet tag shapes might be harder to fit lots of text onto than others. For example, if a person orders the aforementioned heart-shaped tag, they should keep in mind that they might be more limited, in terms of the number of letters they can fit on it, than they would if they opted for a square-shaped tag. This is because a heart shape tapers at the end, which means there'll be less space for text at the bottom of it.

The text and imagery they want to include on the engraving

Pet owners should also consider the text and imagery they'd like to have engraved onto their customised tag. For example, in addition to having their pet's name and their own contact information included in the engraving, they might also want to add their pet's microchip number (which would make it easier for a lost pet to be found, even if the person who finds them cannot get through to the phone number listed on the tag).

Additionally, if there is space on the tag, the pet owner could also have some imagery (such as an emoji or symbol) engraved onto it. For example, if their cat loves to take naps in sunny spots around the home, the pet owner could have a tiny sun engraved on the tag. On a more practical note, if a person's pet has an allergy to, for example, beef or fish, they could have a fish or beef symbol with a cross through it added to the tag, to indicate that anyone who encounters their pet should not try to feed him or her this type of food.