• The Essential Guide to Custom Engraved Pet Tags

    As a pet owner, you understand how important it is to keep your furry friends safe, happy and healthy. One of the most essential things a pet parent can do is to ensure their pet is wearing a proper identification tag. Allowing pets to roam free without proper identification increases their risk of getting lost or stolen. Custom engraved pet tags are a great option as they allow owners to personalise their pet’s identification with relevant contact information.
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  • Two things a pet owner should consider when ordering a custom engraved pet tag

    Here are two tips for pet owners who want to get custom-engraved pet tags for their cats or dogs. The shape and style of pet tag they'd prefer When ordering a custom-engraved pet tag, pet owners will usually have the option of selecting the shape and style of the tag. Because this is an item that their pet will probably wear every day for many years, it's important for the pet owner to carefully choose its design.
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